Webinar: The future of patient communication

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Feature spotlights

Engage patients

Raising patients’ awareness of important medical appointments is key to providing optimum health care—but when done manually, it can become very expensive and time consuming. The versatile, multimodal communication engine in IBM Phytel Remind integrates data from your practice management systems to provide automated, customizable
voice, text and email reminders and confirmations—reducing the burden on staff, decreasing no-shows, and enhancing the patient experience.

Streamline workflow

Easy-to-read reports include continuous details about the status of scheduled appointments and the progress of communications. The entire process improves operational efficiency and allows medical staff to focus on patient care.

Optimize appointment schedules

Effective, persistent patient communication makes it easier to reduce costly no-shows and promote rescheduled appointments in the case of cancellations. It also increases on-time arrivals, helping achieve smooth visits for your patients on the daily schedule.

Detailed appointment overviews

Detailed contact summaries give you continuous snapshots of patients’ responses to automated reminders and confirmation requests, as well as the progress of persistent communication attempts. Versatile sorting options let you view summaries in an effective and convenient way for your practice. Easy to-navigate screens make it simple to configure appointment confirmation settings across diverse facilities.

Customer case studies

People in office staring at a computer screen

Health Quest

Earning value-based payment incentives with Watson Health population management solutions

People in an office meeting

Floyd Health Care System

Floyd Health Care Achieving better performance and patient care

Person in a suit looking at some papers

Utica Park Clinic

Population health management helps Utica Park Clinic ease the transition to value-based care

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