Webinar: The future of patient communication

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How IBM Phytel Remind can help your business

IBM® Phytel Remind proactively and efficiently automates the time-consuming process of manually calling, emailing, or texting patients about their upcoming appointments. This strengthens profitability, frees up valuable staff time, and contributes to better health outcomes.

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Reduce patient no-show rates

Minimize late arrivals and identify and fill vacancies.

Increase efficiency

Help eliminate manual calls and reduce staff time needed for monitoring appointments.

Improve patient engagement

Promote patient adherence to recommended visit protocols and keep patients active in their own health care.

Enhance patient satisfaction

Strengthen the patient-provider relationship, foster patient-centered healthcare, and facilitate positive patient visits.

IBM Phytel Remind key features

  • Engage patients
  • Optimize appointment schedules
  • Streamline workflow
  • Detailed appointment overviews

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