IBM OpenPages Operational Risk Management
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Integrate all risk data in a single environment

Gain the confidence you can achieve your business objectives in a world of dynamic risk with the IBM OpenPages Operational Risk Management module.

Automate the process of identifying, measuring, monitoring, analyzing and managing operational risk. The OpenPages Operational Risk Management module enables businesses to integrate all risk data — risk and control assessments, internal and external loss events, key risk indicators, and issue/action plan management — within a single environment.

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What you get
Risk and control self-assessments (RCSA) A central source for all risk documentation including entities, processes, risks, controls, tests, and test results. Full document management provides check-in/check-out, version control, and audit trail capabilities.

Loss event management Track loss incidents and near misses, record amounts, and determine root causes and ownership. Statistical and trend analysis capabilities enable users to track remedies and action plans.

Scenario analysis Identify key scenarios that require additional risk treatment and assess their impact on the business. Provide input for capital modeling and enable business lines to assess high impact risk areas and emerging risks.
Features User-focused dashboards

Dashboards and charts give insight into the state of risk across the organization. Drill down through sub-reports for root cause analysis. Provide browser-based ad hoc, drag-and-drop report design.

Interactive workflows

Tree view visualization shows how GRC activities are connected.
Facilitates a flexible approach to risk management that can accommodate changes and align with your organization’s existing procedures.

Issue management

"My Tasks" provides a quick view of all the tasks assigned to the user, across activities in the operational risk domain, such as Loss Event Review, Issue Approval, Assessment Review and Action Items.

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