IBM OpenPages Business Continuity Management
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Prepare for disruptions

Prepare your enterprise for business continuity and protect employees from disruptive events with the IBM OpenPages Business Continuity Management module.

Centralize business continuity data in a single location to better implement a standardized approach across your enterprise. With the OpenPages Business Continuity Management module, users can visualize data relationships to identify dependencies and gain quick access to information.

What you get
Standardized business continuity data With a single location for business continuity data, managers have visibility into current data for performing business impact analyses and drafting plans. Utilize OpenPages object model to integrate with other product modules. Role-based permissions grant users access to the records they need for effective business continuity implementation.

Automated business plan development Utilize views and workflows to adopt a consistent approach to business continuity management. Route tasks to specified users to complete business impact analyses and business continuity plans. Improve efficiency with automated population of fields within the workflow and guidance to assist users in carrying out tasks.

Continuous testing Allows testing on a scheduled basis and iterative improvements to plans and business impact analyses. Track lessons learned from testing with issue management capability to improve business continuity plan implementation.
Features Relationship mapping

Discover data relationships with relationship mapping visualization that enables users to view dependencies and access key information from one screen.

Out-of-the-box workflows

Create and modify workflows to notify users regarding workflow stages, track issues, and schedule reminders for a timely review of items, such as business impact analyses and business continuity plans.

GRC calculations

Identifies critical business processes. The calculation defines the maximum acceptable outage for a given business function by scoring selections within the business impact analysis.

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