What RED BOOK can do for you

The IBM Micromedex® RED BOOK® database provide prices and descriptions for over 300,000 prescription and over-the-counter pharmaceuticals, chemicals used for compounding and medical devices and supplies. Virtually every drug product approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for manufacture and distribution appears as a record in the RED BOOK database files. 

Use RED BOOK as a resource for:

  • Drug utilization review
  • Market and competitive analysis
  • Prescription pricing
  • Order entry
  • Forecasting
  • Drug-pricing research
  • Generic substitution
  • Formulary management
  • Claims adjudication, processing and validation

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Rely on a single, reliable resource

RED BOOK covers the full spectrum of current drug pricing and product information. You get Average Wholesale Pricing (AWP) and Wholesale Acquisition Cost (WAC) coverage for brand and generic drugs.

Gain more transparency and consistency

RED BOOK provides consistent, unbiased Average Wholesale Pricing (AWP) drug pricing policies and methodologies help to ensure confident decision making.

Improve efficiency

RED BOOK eliminates the need to conduct redundant searches within multiple resources. It simplifies identification, analysis and comparison of drug and non-drug products.

Always stay current

Daily updates ensure access to current price changes and new product information. Price changes effective within last 30 days are flagged for easy reference.

Access a wide spectrum of information

RED BOOK includes information on prescription and over-the-counter drugs, bulk chemicals, nutraceuticals and non-drug items.

Five good reasons to use RED BOOK

  • Rely on a trusted source
  • Everything you need is in one place
  • Get daily database file updates
  • Use the Average Wholesale Price as a benchmark
  • Choose from a variety of deliverables

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Which option is right for you?

RED BOOK online

Search online for prescription or over the counter medications, nutraceuticals, bulk chemicals, medical devices or supplies by product name or manufacturer.


A fixed, ASCII (text) flat file, delivered in a number of frequencies, that provides over 40 fields of product prices and descriptions.

RED BOOK Expanded

A fixed, ASCII (text) flat file, delivered in a number of frequencies, that provides over 100 fields of product prices and descriptions.

RED BOOK Advanced

A fixed, ASCII (relational tables) flat file, delivered in a number of frequencies, that provides over 100 fields of product prices and descriptions.

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