Laptop showing a screen with Merge Cardio viewer open

A comprehensive image and information management system

Merge Cardio™ allows you to access and manage your patients’ digital integrated cardiovascular records from a centralized, web-enabled system, anywhere, any time. This award winning cardiology solution improves patient management through a built-in report generation and distribution process. 

It increases the speed of reimbursements by automating the capture of professional and technical charges. Discover how you can focus more on patient care and less on paper and process. 

*Merge Cardio is not FDA-cleared for diagnostic use on mobile devices.


Centralized management

Access your patients’ comprehensive cardiovascular records from a single point.

Supports most imaging modalities

Leverage a robust imaging and diagnostic workstation that supports most imaging modalities.

Structured clinical reports

Generate, review and confirm structured clinical reports spanning most cardiology specialties.

Automated reporting workflow

Automated workflow includes data pre-population from modality devices directly to the clinical report and EHR.

Integrate with applications

Integrate with applications for 4D, echocardiography, nuclear medicine, CT angiography and pediatric echo reporting.

See the big picture

Gain an interactive, hierarchical timeline view of your patient’s cardiovascular record – including relevant prior notifications, without switching screens or conducting exhaustive searches.

Go more in-depth

Learn how to save precious time and minimize costly data entry errors

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