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Increase patient satisfaction and improve HCAHPS scores

IBM Micromedex® Medication Essential Fact Sheets (MEFS) are consistent, brief, easy-to-read medication education handouts that help patients understand:

- The name of their medicine
- Why they are taking the medicine
- Possible side effects of the medicine

MEFS are available in more than 2,600 titles in both English and Spanish. A subset is available in 13 languages.


Better patient comprehension

Provide easy-to-read medication education solely focused on the most critical, need-to-know facts for patients.

Support a focus on improved outcomes

The easy-to-understand MEFS can help increase outcomes and improve patient satisfaction scores for medication education-related questions on the HCAHPS.

Avoid financial penalties

Poor survey scores can lead to loss of income, while higher scores from greater patient satisfaction (from clear medication instructions) may result in incentive payments.

Multiple integration options

Easily integrate into most electronic health record systems as well as the Micromedex® CareNotes® application for current CareNotes clients.

Multilingual support

The fact sheets are available in more than 2,600 titles in both English and Spanish with a subset of the most common medications available in up to 13 languages.

Four reasons to use Medication Essential Fact Sheets

  • Achieve high-quality results through improved communication
  • Increase revenue
  • Enhance culture of quality care
  • Save time

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