Imaging AI applications from our partners can support clinical decision-making


Think differently about your imaging AI journey

Think using AI must mean more work for clinicians and IT teams? Think again.

Simplify AI use for both clinicians and IT teams with the IBM Imaging AI Orchestrator. Radiologists can view an aggregated report of the AI processing status and whether there is an urgent result to address in a new worklist column. Studies are routed using a single gateway eliminating the need for IT teams to deploy and manage multiple applications.

Read the datasheet for clinicians (PDF, 815 KB)

Read the datasheet for IT professionals (PDF, 815 KB)


Making imaging AI easier

The cloud-based service that simplifies access to imaging AI insights


AI productivity

Streamline access to AI insights for stronger diagnoses and productivity.


AI flow

Access multiple AI applications to keep your organization at the cutting edge of patient care.


data flow control

Easily deploy AI across your enterprise and lower impact on organizational resources over time.


Imaging AI Orchestrator Details

Features to accelerate your AI journey

Worklist statuses

Shows completion status of AI algorithms, and flags urgent cases.

Consolidated results report

Aggregated AI study results are sent to PACS viewer per hanging protocols.

Broad AI choice

Proven, regulatory cleared applications, across pathologies.

Verified privacy, data security

AI applications rigorously tested to IBM’s strictest security and privacy standards.


No IT involvement needed to add AI applications to your subscription.


Leverages industry standards for interoperability with any vendor’s PACS.

Zero maintenance

IBM and AI vendors manage upgrades and maintenance. Not you.

Ease of deployment

Cloud-native, via intelligent edge device for simple implementation.

For AI developers

Are you interested in having your AI application included in AI Orchestrator?

Next steps

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