Enhance your applications with best-in-class Natural Language AI

Introducing IBM Watson® NLP Library for Embed, a containerized library designed to empower IBM partners with greater flexibility to infuse powerful natural language AI into their solutions. It combines the best of open source and IBM® Research® NLP algorithms to deliver superior AI capabilities developers can access and integrate into their apps in the environment of their choice. Offered to partners as embeddable AI, a first of its kind software portfolio that offers best of breed AI from IBM.

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Build with IBM natural language embeddable AI

Watson NLP Library for Embed helps develop enterprise-ready solutions through robust AI models, extensive language coverage and scalable container orchestration. The library form provides the flexibility to deploy natural language AI in any environment.

Flexible and extensible

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IBM Watson NLP Library for Embed offers algorithmic choice and modular design so you can integrate NLP capabilities in your solution with greater flexibility to meet your specific needs.

Run anywhere

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Deploy and run your applications on any hybrid multi cloud in the container environment of your choice: local Docker platform, Kubernetes, or serverless containers.


Sentiment analysis

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Analyze sentiment on a positive, negative, and neutral scale to determine whether a customer is happy or dissatisfied, pinpoint the reason why, and find specific moments where sentiment changed.

Entities extraction

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Detect, extract, prepare, redact personally identifiable information (PII), or classify mentions of entities from raw text data. Categorize all mentions of entities into groups including people, cities, organizations, and places.

Text classification

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Label any given text and assign it to a specific category or group. Extract desired text using a custom multi-label classifier.

Use cases

Partner stories


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CrushBank empowers IT help desk employees to quickly find the most relevant information to solve customers’ problems, increasing productivity and customer satisfaction.


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LegalMation uses natural language processing to help legal teams draft high-quality litigation work in minutes, freeing time and resources for higher-tier services.


Watson NLP Library for Embed

Usage blocks List price
Natural Language Processing for Embed
250,000 API calls per month
USD 125 per month