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IBM® Facility Targeting Reports combine hospital diagnosis and procedure volumes with physician affiliation data to provide insight into physician and facility drivers in US geographic markets. These reports help you maximize your product's penetration in US hospitals and ambulatory surgery centers, using the largest volume of facility data available. Obtain precise, current information for product forecasting, sales force planning and clinical trial placement.

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Product benefits

Physician-hospital report

Identify physicians that are performing procedures or seeing patients with a specific diagnosis at one or more hospitals.

Hospital patient profile report

Assess procedure and diagnosis statistics for US acute care hospitals to identify those with the highest volumes.

Hospital patient severity report

Evaluate procedure and diagnosis volumes and market share by patient severity and length-of-stay for hospitals in a geographic area.

Ambulatory surgery center report

Assess procedure volumes for US ambulatory surgery centers. Identify the busiest, fastest growing outpatient facilities to target your product.

Feature spotlights

Optimize sales force territories and facility call plans

Assess US sales potential by facility and the relationship between physicians and facilities, which is critical to market uptake of your product. Use targeting information to support sales force alignment and call planning.

Use advanced forecasting to improve sales potential

Develop forecasts for new products or indications being launched in the US. Our advanced forecasting methodology is based on expected growth rates for individual service lines by procedure, corrected by the expected impact of healthcare reform.

Leverage targeting information for clinical trials

Assess procedure and diagnosis statistics and volumes to determine US facilities that have the potential for high clinical trial enrollment.

Use self-service reporting

Use the online, self-service functionality to easily run reports and re-run them using different parameters. Reports can be used as often as required.

Which option is right for you?

Facility Targeting Reports

You can rank all US acute care hospitals by procedure and/or diagnosis volumes with this report. Available for both inpatient and outpatient markets​.

Physician Targeting Reports

This report enables you to identify key physicians using volume and decile data by hospital and across hospitals.

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