Health Insights is IBM’s end-to-end solution for managing your healthcare program with actionable data insights

Integrated health database

Your analysis starts with data that has been expertly refined, standardized and curated — providing the foundation for dependable insights. Health Insights securely manages data from medical and prescription claims, lab results, eligibility, HRAs, disability and socio-demographic information and surveys. Have another source you’d like to add? Ask us.

Health Insights Explorer with advanced analytic capabilities

Health Insights Explorer lets you explore data your own way. Conduct ad hoc analysis or leverage one of the built-in tools designed to guide your investigations into program trends and changes. Guided drill paths, interactive dashboards, drill-through investigations and key performance indicators give you options that fit the way you want to dive into your healthcare data.

The power of AI with IBM Watson Change Detection

IBM Watson Change Detection, our optional machine learning system within Health Insights, mines the data looking for trends and changes to surface cost drivers typically hidden in summary reporting without human subjectivity and bias. The results put you one step closer to actionable insights, redirecting the efforts of data analysts to the real work of diving into specific areas that are most meaningful to your business. Natural language processing drives our analytic assistant to support your journey through your data.

Built-in analytic methods

Applying Health Insights’ built-in methods to your data yields information you can use to support strategic decisions for your healthcare program. Health Insights includes:

• Groupers: episodes, admissions, outpatient events

• Cognitive analytics

• Predictive risk models

• HEDIS Allowable Adjustment Certified quality rules measures

• MarketScan® Benchmarks

Working together, these methods give you an accurate view of program performance and population health across the continuum of care.

If you need discrete analytic methods to integrate into your existing healthcare analytics solution, IBM Flexible Analytics provides several options available individually or in custom packages tailored to your use case.

Report scheduling, production and distribution at scale

With Jumpstart analytic templates and standard dashboards, you have off-the-shelf reports that are easy to share and understand. For customized reporting, users can build reports for internal stakeholders that address their most compelling focus areas, and share or update them easily as new data becomes available. For external reporting, we offer the Account Group Insights configuration of Health Insights, with automated report assembly, packaging and distribution, so you can meet the needs of your external stakeholders.

User interface or data science access

Health Insights users – from the C-suite to your data scientists – can access the level of information they need on program performance to meet the demands of their roles. Users are set up for success whether they need high-level insights for business strategy or a detailed analysis of a specific area of concern. Prefer to access our integrated database and measures via Python? We offer the option of Data Science Connect to enable access through this web service tool.

Designed for your needs

Compare each edition

Health Insights comes in a variety of editions to better address your priorities, such as: reducing time spent on manual data mining, web service access to data measures and automated account group report assembly, packaging and distribution

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Socially distanced colleagues reviewing health plan performance

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Understand how Health Insights works with “try before you buy.” Using sample data, you’ll see our dashboards and experience ad hoc data analysis for yourself.

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Employee reviewing population health trends

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