What is the benefit of using an integrated analytic engine such as Flexible Analytics?

Building and maintaining analytics in-house can consume valuable time and resources that could be allocated to higher-value activities and deploying a best-of-breed approach can require organizations to piece together disparate methodologies — often resulting in disconnected data and analytic context.

An analytics strategy that uses a suite of interconnected algorithms can help organizations generate consistent, reliable information more efficiently and get maximum value from their enterprise data.

Interconnected algorithms allow you to drill down from a global, patient-level view of healthcare data to episode-of-care and claims-level views, providing the analytic continuity you need to deliver trusted insights.

How does Flexible Analytics work with my existing EDW and BI tools?

Whether you’re building a new data warehouse or enhancing your current capabilities, Flexible Analytics is designed to meet you where you are by integrating with your existing warehouse and business intelligence tools on premises, on our cloud or yours. 

Using our optional FHIR server adapter, you’ll have access to near real-time targeted analytic content and insights as the latest way to leverage your existing investments in infrastructure and analytic tools. 

The output of the Flexible Analytics methodologies can be used to connect to an organization’s growing collection of claims, clinical and operational data to the critical insights needed to drive business transformation and value. Clients can leverage this output directly into existing workflows or use the integrated data from their EDW to report on with existing business intelligence tools. 

Can you provide more detail about the solution architecture of Flexible Analytics?

Flexible Analytics can leverage your existing infrastructure including Extract, Transform and Load (ETL) software, data model and Business Intelligence (BI) tools, allowing you to add an advanced analytics layer to apply best in class methodologies and HEDIS Allowable Adjustment Certified measures to your data. 

Using existing ETL software and a local web service, you can call on Flexible Analytics as frequently as desired to run specific methodologies on data extracts from your enterprise data warehouse and transform output files back into your data model. With our optional FHIR server adapter, you’ll have access to near real-time insights from data refreshed each business day.  

With interconnected algorithms, analytic and IT teams can access a single suite of algorithms, with consistent formatting for input and output files, to streamline the process of producing analytic insights.  This can minimize training efforts, reduce onboarding time for new employees and reallocate resources to higher-value tasks. 

Do I have to commit to purchasing all the methodologies?

With Flexible Analytics, you can select just the methods you need. IBM will work with you to help you take advantage of optimal pricing for multiple methods packaged together to address your specific business needs.

IBM’s interconnected algorithms allow you to work with a single vendor to simplify the procurement process, streamline the receipt of product information and updates, and scale your analytic solution as your needs change.

What if I need more than advanced analytics?

IBM Health Insights is our end-to-end solution for organizations that need a data warehouse, analytic methods, and business intelligence tools to conduct analyses of healthcare data to support decision making. Learn more about Health Insights. For an end-to-end solution with automated report assembly, packaging and distribution, consider IBM Account Group Insights.

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