Why get badged?

Who are User Experience Program partners?

UXP partners are IBM customers that help our product teams to innovate, to improve the user experience, and to contribute to the future of our products. 

UXP partners provide insights about their individual use cases and deliver feedback on in-flight designs as part of user researcher sessions. A signed Feedback Program Agreement is required to participate.

Contributor badge

A Contributor has actively participated in shaping the future of IBM products. Contributors are knowledgeable, they are strong communicators, and they are willing to examine the details of their particular use cases and environment. Contributors are passionate about helping IBM teams to better align IBM products to their expectations.


  • Participate in five user research activities such as usability testing, user interviews, benchmarking or prioritization exercises.
Contributor badge

Influencer badge

An Influencer goes beyond contributing to user research activities by actively engaging with the IBM user community. Influencers share their passion and commitment to helping IBM product teams shape the future; they join dialog during quarterly retrospective calls, co-author research success stories, or publish publicly about their experience with the IBM User Experience Program.


  • Participate in eight user research activities.
  • Partner with IBM product teams to bring a success story to life. At a high level, discuss use cases, research experiences, and the value gained from partnering with the IBM Design and User Research organization.
Influencer badge

Advocate badge

An Advocate is highly regarded for their long-time contribution and their dedication to help shape the future of IBM products. Earners of this credential will also be nominated to the IBM Champions program.


  • Participate in twelve user research activities.
  • Partner with IBM to bring a success story to life. At a high level, discuss use cases, research experiences, and the value gained from partnering with the IBM Design and with the IBM User Research organization. In addition, generate a video or a blog post that highlights your organization’s relationship with the IBM User Experience Program.
  • Partner with an IBM user researcher or designer to take an active role in an industry or community event. Examples: Act as the subject of an interview on stage, kick off a research session at an event, or appear as a guest on a podcast.
Advocate badge

Frequently asked questions

How do I contact the badge issuer?

Email the badge issuers: 
Marc-James Abi-Jaoude | marcjames@ibm.com
Rachel Miles Sijacic | Rachel.Miles@ibm.com
Tracy McGoldrick | Tracy.McGoldrick@ibm.com

I have completed all requirements for a badge, what do I do next?

The IBM team attempts to track your research participation. If we have not reached out to you after completing the requirements for a badge, please email the badge issuer.

I didn't apply for this badge, why did I get an email about earning a badge?

The IBM team tracks various user engagements as part of our standard research process. As you continue participating and working with the user researchers and designers, your participation is logged. If your participation meets the requirements for a badge, we will issue the badge as recognition for your sustained involvement with our team. Thank you!

How can I kick off the creation of a success story, blog or video on the User Experience Program?

The User Experience Program team seeks to provide meaningful co-creation and feedback opportunities to our customers and users. Through these engagements there might be a specific activity that provided valuable insight or that resulted in a change in your IBM products; these are great opportunities for content creation. Contact the user researcher or designer in order to bring to life one of these success stories.

Do requirements need to be fulfilled within the same year?

No, we know you are busy. Our IBM team appreciates all the time that our clients and users spend with our teams working to make better products. The requirements can span multiple years, allowing you to work towards the Advocacy badge.

What can I do with these badges?

Once you have received the badge notification from the Credly badging platform and have accepted the notification, you can share the badge through social media accounts including LinkedIn. These badges demonstrate your passion for user experience and highlight your willingness to help product teams build better products.

What is Credly?

Credly is an enterprise-class badging platform built in compliance with the IMS Global Learning Consortium Open Badge Specifications to support the specialized needs of credential issuers, employers and professionals. The Credly web platform provides a secure means of storage, transport and credential publishing that adds a layer of protection against those who may falsely claim high-stakes credentials.

What is the relationship between Credly and IBM?

IBM has a vendor relationship with the Credly badging platform to implement a program for web-enabled credentials displayed as digital badges. Credly is the web site from which you claim and accept, store and transmit your badges. Credly is where those to whom you send your credentials can verify the metadata contained within the badges.

Where can I get help with my Credly account, profile, or badge claim process?

Credly provides direct support for badge earner account and profile concerns, as well as issues related to claiming badges after receiving a notification. Please visit - Credly Support (link resides outside IBM)

Privacy notice

Protecting your personal information

IBM leverages the services of Credly to assist in the administration of the IBM Digital Badge program. Credly is a third-party data processor authorized by IBM and located in the United States. In order to issue to you an IBM Digital Badge, your personal information (name, email address, and badge earned) will be shared with Credly. You will receive an email notification from Credly with instructions for claiming the badge. Your personal information is used to issue your badge and is used for program reporting and operational purposes. Your personal information will be handled in a manner that is consistent with IBM privacy practices. The IBM Privacy Statement can be viewed here: https://www.ibm.com/privacy/us/en/.  IBM employees can view the IBM Internal Privacy Statement here: https://w3.ibm.com/w3publisher/w3-privacy-notice.