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Analyze and correct application and system failures
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IBM Fault Analyzer for z/OS® helps developers analyze and fix application and system failures. 

When applications abnormally end (ABEND) it is crucial to understand the root-cause. IBM Fault Analyzer for z/OS can discover ABENDs faster, more confidently, and in less time by automatically harvesting real-time information of the ABEND and its environment at the time of failure. Our analysis engine will deliver real-time information on your CICS®, WebSphere® MQ, IMS™ and Db2® environments.

IBM Fault Analyzer for z/OS detailed system requirements

Benefits Closing the skills gap

Developers and operators don’t have to interpret complex low-level system records or error messages. A single fault analysis report can describe why and where an ABEND occurred.

Intelligent, efficient analysis

User can perform fault reanalysis in batch or interactive mode. Use batch to free up the TSO session for others. Remain in interactive mode to review storage area, source code, or CICS ABEND info.

Confidence to act

Captured decades of experience from leading software architects, developers, and testers into our powerful analysis engine. We’re enabling teams to make decisions more confidently and instantly.

Reduce costs

When you develop, test, and triage new and existing applications with intelligent tools your productively skyrockets. Reduce risks and associated costs from application failures.

Speed through stability

ABENDs lead to increased downtime and loss of productivity. Roll back code in production while you fix mistakes in the development environment. Get back to scale quicker than before.

Keep customers happy

Application failures will undoubtedly occur. But they don’t have to keep you down. Faster diagnosis means interruptions stay at a minimum while your end user’s experience remains at a maximum.

Multi-lingual solution for your most important applications

We offer enhanced support for your most commonly used languages: Enterprise COBOL, Enterprise PL/I, IBM Java for z/OS, Assembler, C/C++.

Options for analysis and reanalysis

Real-time analysis for on-the-fly ABEND identification. And later reanalysis in batch or interactive mode.

Real-time analysis with Fault Analyzer

Support for all your critical systems

We offer comprehensive coverage for all your critical subsystems: DB2, IMS, z/OS, CICS Transaction Server, UNIX System Services, and others.

Customize your CICS, DB2 and IMS environments

Intelligent analysis for quicker resolution

With interactive reanalysis you can review expanded error messages and relevant failure codes. You can even access application-specific messages and codes, along with source statement information for precision fault analysis.

Familiar interfaces promote productivity sooner

Work in your preferred interface: ISPF 3270, Eclipse-based GUI plug-in, or Web Interface. Now you get to decide how best to analyze ABENDs.

Access for the entire team

Even those lacking TSO logon capabilities can review and analyze ABEND history files with ease. Share insights with users across the organization.

Learn how to set up history files
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Next steps

Discover how to analyze and correct application and system failures with IBM Fault Analyzer for z/OS. Schedule a no-cost 30-minute meeting with an IBM Z and LinuxONE representative.

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