IBM data management takes command of partitioned data sets

IBM® Data Set Commander for z/OS® delivers interactive and batch capabilities for working with partitioned data sets (PDSs), partitioned data sets extended (PDSEs), and their members to improve IT productivity. Data Set Commander has three components: the batch component that enhances the IBM IEBCOPY utility; the monitor component that augments the Library Lookaside (LLA) functionality; and the Interactive component that enhances ISPF functionality. Data Set Commander also exploits z/OS support for PDSE V2 and PDSE member generations.


Improve functionality, flexibility

Manage, monitor, and manipulate your PDSs and PDSEs and their members with a broad set of productive tools, both online and batch.

Boost ISPF productivity

Take advantage of functions such as automatic PDS compression and directory expansion, and search capabilities for volumes, data sets, members, and text within members.

Optimize resources

Use automation to do more with less. For example: Monitor LLA events and automatically direct the z/OS LLA facility to refresh the LLA directory entries of all updated LLA-managed members.

IBM Data Set Commander for z/OS features

  • Batch component
  • Monitoring component
  • Interactive component
  • Audit capability
  • PDSE member generations capability