Isometric drawing showing how clinical decision support from DynaMed and Micromedex with Watson can tie together the clinical enterprise

DynaMed and Micromedex: Better together

In today’s healthcare environment, the only constant is change. In order to keep pace and stay current, healthcare providers need fast access to help support the deliver of personalized, evidence-based care.

Introducing DynaMed® and Micromedex® with Watson®: A new clinical decision support solution from IBM Watson Health™ and EBSCO Information Services. Combining DynaMed’s top-performing “Best in KLAS 2021” point-of-care clinical information tool with the drug insights and AI-powered search capabilities of IBM Micromedex with Watson, the solution offers a single, comprehensive resource designed to accelerate and enhance clinical decision making – while supporting consistency across the care continuum.

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Confident decision making

Access high-quality content that undergoes systematic, rigorous review and is updated regularly with the latest evidence-based diagnostic, therapeutic and pharmaceutical insights.

Ease of use, flexible access

EHR integration, AI-powered drug search capabilities and a mobile experience – all built on the latest cloud technology – provide fast access at the point of care and on the go.

Cost efficiency

Align with value-based principles by using a solution available at one price, via one contract and one invoice, helping to potentially lower the total cost of ownership.

Additional value

Key features

• Evidence-based drug and disease content
• Daily content updates
• AI for natural language drug queries
• Graphics and images
• Mobile access
• Optional EHR integration
• Personalized experience

Pharmacist putting medications in a pill sorter

Continuing education credit

Physicians and nurse practitioners using DynaMed and Micromedex with Watson to support and inform clinical decisions are eligible to receive free continuing medical education (CME) credits and continuing nursing education (CNE) contact hours, respectively. Physicians in certain specialties may also be eligible to earn Part II Maintenance of Certification (MOC) points.

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Nurse reviewing evidence-based information found on the DynaMed and Micromedex with Watson software solution
Clinician making a data-driven decision

Harnessing cloud-based technology to help drive efficiencies

"The synergy of our world class, evidence-based content is expected to drive efficiencies for more healthcare systems using data-driven insights for decision making. Built on the latest cloud-based technology, we will harness world class content from DynaMed and IBM Micromedex onto a seamless and personalized solution. A terrific alternative for the care team."

Betsy Jones

Executive Vice President, EBSCO Clinical Decisions

Doctor using DynaMed and Micromedex with Watson

Helping to support care with essential information

"We believe DynaMed and Micromedex with Watson can deliver value and innovation to healthcare organizations, to help enable rapid access to high-quality medical evidence that is essential for clinicians as they work to provide safe and effective patient care within their clinical workflow."

Todd Nolen

General Manager, IBM Micromedex Solutions