How it's used

Inform diagnoses and treatment plans

isometric illustration of a doctor examining a patient

Inform diagnoses and treatment plans

Inform clinical decisions by referencing comprehensive reviews of diseases and conditions as well as highly-focused topics on evaluation, differential diagnosis and management.

Calculate indices and risk scores

isometric illustration of a doctor looking at a tablet

Calculate indices and risk scores

Support personalized, evidence-based medicine (EBM) with interactive calculators, equations and decision trees that allow you to input patient data and quickly obtain indices and risk scores.

Validate dosage adjustments

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Validate dosage adjustments

Rapidly validate dosage adjustments and check for harmful interactions – helping to minimize adverse effects and encourage treatment compliance.



Why DynaMed and Micromedex with Watson?

Optional EHR integration

Flexible EHR integration options enable users to get fast answers within existing clinical workflows.

Continuing education credits

Physicians and advanced practitioners are eligible to receive free continuing education hours for using the solution to inform clinical decisions.


Personal accounts enable users to set alerts when certain topics are updated, access the solution at affiliated sites and track credits.

Free mobile application

Follow relevant content, earn and redeem continuing education credit, and email topics while on-the-go.

AI-powered search

Accelerate searches using the industry-leading AI and natural language processing capabilities of the IBM Watson Assistant.

Single sign-on

Eliminate password fatigue and get clinicians the information they need – fast.

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