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Supporting the exchange of an individual’s health status

As individuals may need to present their health status to return to public places, organizations are looking for solutions that can help calculate the risk of COVID-19 while protecting privacy.

Powered by blockchain, IBM® Digital Health Pass is designed to help organizations verify an individual's health status while protecting personal privacy. Individuals can manage their information through an encrypted digital wallet on their smartphone and control what they share – and for what purpose – while organizations can design business rules and determine responses for each health status they review.

Potential benefits

Secured and reliable

Blockchain and cryptographic techniques can help organizations manage the health statuses they receive from individuals –while each individual can control with whom they share their status.


The versatile platform is designed to help address multiple use cases and can be incorporated into existing ecosystems.


Organizations can implement data-driven policies based on configurable rules for each health status they review.

IBM Digital Health Pass is designed to support organizations aiming to safely re-open their businesses. Some potential use cases being explored include:

Travel and transportation

IBM Digital Health Pass can be designed to support the travel and transportation industries as the world resumes traveling again. Cruise ships, airlines and travel authorities could monitor the wellness of a population throughout its journey without the need to expose personal information by providing a solution that could allow passengers and crew members to share their health statuses.

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Sports and entertainment

For large sporting and entertainment events, individuals could leverage IBM Digital Health Pass to help manage their health data. This could give them the opportunity to share their health status for entry to large scale events without disclosing their personal information.

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How IBM Digital Health Pass is envisioned for use:

Step 1: An individual can download IBM Digital Health Pass or a third-party app, log-in and verify their identity.

Step 2: When the individual has health data available - such as a COVID-19 test result or online health survey - they can scan a QR code and add their health data to their digital wallet which generates a credential that can be viewed or removed at any time.

Step 3: When the individual wants to attend a sporting event, board a plane or complete another activity requiring a health status check, their status can be generated from their credentials and could be presented as a possible means for access.

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IBM's steadfast commitment to data responsibility

“Trust and transparency remain paramount when developing a platform like a digital health passport, or any solution that handles sensitive personal information. IBM has a steadfast commitment to data responsibility and putting privacy first is an important priority for managing and analyzing data in response to these complex times.”

Eric Piscini, Global Vice President
Blockchain, IBM Watson Health