What IBM DataProbe can do for your organization

IBM® DataProbe® is a commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) web-based software product used by state and federal government agencies, other healthcare payers and program integrity contractors. It complements your existing business intelligence tools with built-in application modules that perform numerous analytic functions with minimal manual input.

DataProbe’s application modules have predefined, customizable query templates that perform data management, data investigation, data transformation, summarization and aggregation and scripting functions. Use DataProbe to efficiently manipulate, augment and analyze large volumes of healthcare data.


Flexible analysis toolkit

DataProbe contains a toolkit of data analytics modules that are grouped into related categories – all in a web-based user interface.

Terabytes of data, handled with speed

DataProbe can store, rapidly profile, summarize and analyze terabytes of data. Tables can contain up to 2,000 columns (fields) and rows in a table are only limited by the server disk space available.

Quick to implement, easy to change

Users can efficiently integrate and access large volumes of data, such as: claims detail, eligibility, capitation and provider data.

User-friendly interface

Minimal training is required to achieve basic competency. No programming skills are needed.

Ten really good reasons why you should use DataProbe

— External data can be loaded by analysts themselves

— Digging deeper is now simplified

— Scripts that can boost productivity

— Built-in functions come standard

— Everyday data investigation and profiling

— Unlimited, rapid summarizing and ranking

— Data export for any need

— User-driven database management

— Security rich web-based software

— Confidence in Protected Health Information (PHI) protection