IBM AI Governance is a one stop solution for transparent, explainable AI model management.

How it’s used

Data access and management

Openscale Mortgage Model Fairness dashboard

Right data, at the right time for the right user

Use fairness scores to improve bias reduction. Provide complete views of quality, secured data for permission-based, self-service analysis.

AI lifecycle management

Openscale Mortgage Approval dashboard

Automate the AI model lifecycle

Build and deliver models using automated views of fairness and quality. MLOps decreases errors and improves workload efficiency.

Build trust in processes 

Openscale Mortgage Approval asset dashboard

Build and governed, explainable AI

Mitigate bias, risk and drift for transparency and explainability of results across each lifecycle stage: develop, deploy and validate.


Dive deeper with the ebook

Achieve trust in data, models and processes with a data fabric, and view real industry examples.

Capabilities of MLOps and trustworthy AI

Data integration

Activate business-ready data for AI and analytics with intelligent cataloging, backed by active metadata and policy management.   

Automate with MLOps

Automate manual tasks that data science must complete as they build and train predictive machine learning models across the entire AI lifecycle.   

Embedded decision optimization  

Enable data science teams to capitalize on the power of prescriptive analytics and build solutions using machine learning and optimization. 

Multicloud ready

Deploy AI projects across on-premises, on public and private clouds with the data fabric. Promote trust and confidence with trustworthy AI.

MLOps lifecycle governance 

Manage regulatory, compliance, risk and more. Keep AI models explainable and transparent. Minimize overhead of manual inspection and costly errors.   

MLOps and Trustworthy AI case studies

Learn how IBM customers are using a data fabric built with IBM Cloud Pak for Data to create innovative solutions.

Included solutions

Use IBM Cloud Pak for Data to build these MLOps and trustworthy AI solutions into your data fabric.

IBM Watson® Studio

Simplify model production from any tool, automate model retraining and monitor for accuracy.   

IBM Watson® Knowledge Catalog

Automate metadata collection and policy management. 

IBM OpenPages with Watson 

Identify, manage, monitor and report on risk and regulatory compliance across the model lifecycle.


Speed deep learning workloads

Optimize deep learning with IBM Cloud Pak® for Data.

Four use cases defining the new wave of data management

See which topics are most pressing and how a data fabric can help.

Explainable AI on IBM Cloud Pak for Data

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