Elevate cancer care with the Watson Oncology Suite

What Watson for Oncology can do for your organization

Watson for Oncology combines leading oncologists’ deep expertise in cancer care with the speed of IBM Watson to help clinicians as they consider individualized potential cancer treatment options for their patients.

Watson for Oncology is a solution that is fueled by information from relevant guidelines, best practices, and medical journals and textbooks. The solution assesses information from a patient’s medical record and displays potential treatment options ranked by level of confidence based on training with supporting evidence. The oncologist can then apply their own expertise to identify the most appropriate treatment options.

Consume medical literature

Consume and keep pace with the growing body of medical literature, guidelines, trials, articles, and patient data.

Understand the data

Understand the longitudinal medical record and applying natural language processing and advanced cognitive algorithms to each unique patient case.

Generate insights

Generate a list of potential treatment options ranked by applicability—recommended, for consideration, and not recommended.

Review treatment options

Review treatment options and supporting evidence side by side and quickly access the relevant articles and clinical data.

Watson for Oncology key features

  • Extract key attributes from a patient's medical record
  • Evidence-informed treatment recommendations
  • Oncology domain knowledge
  • Patient-centric insights

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