Data experiences as unique as each of your employer groups

IBM Account Group Insights is a data visualization and report production solution that delivers visually engaging and analytically robust employer insights tailored for the way employers do business with their health plan partners, whether fully-insured or self-insured. Powered by 40 years of healthcare data analytics expertise, its user-friendly interface and visualizations make data exploration simpler, with resulting insights easier to understand and communicate.

Easily spot key trends in utilization and discover what is and is not working in current health plan programs to drive changes to improve ROI of your clients’ healthcare spend.
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Tailored analytics experience

Choose from Key Performance Indicators, interactive dashboards, curated stories and self-service dashboard creation to customize employer reporting.

Configuration tools for reporting

Automate production, packaging and distribution of data insights delivered to your employer clients.

Easily customized report bundles

Print, archive, and share individualized reports with intuitive drill-down capabilities for recipients to further explore insights.

Robust data warehouse

Tap into financial, pharmacy, eligibility, clinical, lab results, biometric, participation, wellness and socioeconomic data, all in one place.

Account Group Insights key features

  • Measure program effectiveness
  • Provide appropriate level of data detail
  • Explore and view plan data on your terms
  • Access information seamlessly
  • Meet users where they are

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