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IBM Kenexa Employee Voice: Highlights

Watch these 30-second videos to learn how to respond to a survey, create a survey and review organizational mapping features.

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Transforming financial services with IBM Kenexa Employee Voice

Listen to your people with census and pulse surveys, analyze responses with cognitive technology and act fast on insights.

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Employee Voice: Linking census and pulse surveys to business results

Learn how and why to implement pulse surveys, and why analytics can be a game changer for your organization.

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Transforming manufacturing with IBM Kenexa Employee Voice

Drive enterprise productivity services and reduce costs with an engaged workforce.

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Create surveys in minutes

See how easy it is to create a survey in IBM® Kenexa® Employee Voice in this short video.

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Transforming retail with IBM Kenexa Employee Voice

Build better customer experiences and drive more efficient operations with a more engaged staff.

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Reporting at your finger tips

See the IBM Kenexa Employee Voice reporting feature in this short video.

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Surveys made easy

See how easy it is to respond to a survey in IBM Kenexa Employee Voice in this short video.

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Your organizational hierarchy will never be out of date

See the IBM Kenexa Employee Voice organizational mapping feature in this short video.

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Transforming healthcare with IBM Kenexa Employee Voice

See how an engaged workforce can help create sustainable care systems and improve patient care.

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Employee Voice is the New Employee Engagement

Employee engagement surveys are evolving. Watch and learn what's different about IBM Kenexa Employee Voice.

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Changing the Employee Engagement Game

Gain insights, mitigate risks, address hot spots, identify areas of opportunity and impact the success of the business.

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Information Kit: Amplifying employee voice

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Amplifying employee voice--explore the data

Listening to the collective ‘employee voice’ can help organizations innovate, avoid discord and improve productivity.

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Kenexa Employee Voice Demo

Learn how IBM Kenexa Employee Voice is taking employee engagement to the next level.

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Create a bridge between employee engagement and recognition

Discover how HR professionals use cognitive analytics to make decisions that positively impact organizational performance.

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