Our Story

IBM launched Watson Health in 2015 with a clear goal: find the best ways to bring AI and other technologies to bear to help medical and health professionals tackle the world’s biggest healthcare challenges. Across Watson Health a range of our own solutions - and those built with partners - are having an impact:

  • Helping people with diabetes better manage glucose levels
  • Supporting clinical decision-making for Oncologists and Radiologists with a suite of oncology and imaging products
  • Supporting researchers to uncover important new findings that could accelerate new treatments for diseases like ALS and Parkinson’s
  • Enabling multi-disciplinary care teams to provide integrated care encompassing clinical, genetic and social determinants of health
  • Providing tools for advanced analytics and insights that help health organizations optimize their business performance.

Our Mission

We, Watson Health, aspire to improve lives and give hope by delivering innovation to address the world’s most pressing health challenges through data and AI-driven insights.

How do you benefit as a partner?

Working with Watson Health, business partners - solutions and services providers, software vendors and innovators, from startups to enterprise organizations – are given access to technology, expertise, support and resources to grow their businesses and better serve their clients, backed by the power of IBM.

Join the Watson Health ecosystem! Together, we will help you...

  • Increase market demand for your offerings and expand your reach
  • Address your clients’ unmet needs
  • Grow your business
  • Improve profitability
  • Enable your clients to contribute to transformations in health through AI and cognitive computing, advanced analytics and one of the largest health data sets available

Partner-enabled solutions and capabilities from Watson Health

To do our part in driving bold and comprehensive health transformation, we’ve built best-in-class capabilities for the following areas. Choose your focus:

Payers: Insurers, Health Plans and Employers

Enable enterprise analytics, operational efficiency, provider collaboration and member engagement.

Healthcare Providers

Healthcare Providers

Oncology & Genomics: Enable physicians to benefit from cognitive decision support to focus on delivering patient-centric cancer care at scale.

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Imaging: expand the physician’s view for greater confidence in diagnostic and treatment decisions for their patients.

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Value-based care: Reduce unwarranted variance in healthcare delivery and cost.

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Government Health and Human Services

Improve the value of health and human services.

Life Sciences

Accelerate targeted and effective therapies; take time and cost out of the clinical development process; improve visibility into patient safety.

For Developers

Using Watson cognitive APIs –some purpose-built for healthcare as HIPAA and GXP enabled–Watson Health and partners are making a difference with new solutions for health today.