What is IBM Mobile Foundation?

Foundation delivers enterprise-grade capabilities uniquely designed to support building and deploying of the next generation of cognitive, contextual and personalized mobile apps.

IBM Mobile Foundation features

Cognitive APIs for mobile

Enrich your Mobile apps using Watson APIs including, Text to Speech, image recognition, rank and retrieve, and more. Securely connect to Watson APIs using service credentials. Delight users by offering an assisted feature using Conversational Service.

App Life-cycle management

Adopt a more streamlined and repeatable process for incremental app updates. For example, skip the app store approval by making changes to your app while it's live, with no recompile needed.

Comprehensive security

Protect data on the device, APIs, and your brand from hackers and vulnerabilities. You don't need to be a security expert to build secure apps. Employ best practices using samples and templates.

Gain analytic insights

View near real-time feedback, helping you better understand mobile users. Discover how they are using your app through built-in, flexible, interactive data reports.

Access to Microservices

Build business logic as a Microservice using Liberty, NodeJS, or Swift runtimes and access the Microservice by importing its Swagger definition. Additionally, apply access control to an individual or a group of APIs using OAuth security tests.

Feature toggle and A/B testing

Use the console and SDKs to implement feature toggling, A/B testing, feature segmentation, and more. You can change app backgrounds based on user location or rollout features to a small set of users before releasing to all app users.

Segmented Push and Offline Sync

Using the Push feature to send broadcasts, unicasts (based on deviceID and userID), tag-based notification, as well as Rich Media notifications, and interactive notifications to your apps.

Comprehensive Tooling and SDKs

Pick your development environment and access native or Cordova SDKs for iOS, Android, and Windows. Using development simulator to test your Cordova apps before publishing to app stores.

How customers use it

Develop more intelligent apps with Watson services

Add intelligence to your mobile apps with cognitive capabilities. Everything from image recognition to conversation, to sentiment analysis services in the IBM Cloud can be rapidly integrated to provide a more engaging experience.

Develop more intelligent apps with Watson services

IBM Mobile Foundation versions

Mobile Foundation service

The service follows a continuous delivery approach with updates on a regular basis. The service is the same regardless of pricing options chosen.

Get started on IBM Mobile Foundation in minutes

Use the Mobile App Service console to quickly explore the power of IBM Mobile Foundation.