Frequently asked questions

How do I login to Micromedex?

New users can get instructions from their organization on how to access the site and then auto login after that.

How do I reset my Micromedex password?

View the various options for contacting IBM Micromedex technical support at the link below.

How do I open a Micromedex support ticket?

Generate a support ticket by clicking the link below and filling out a brief form.

How do I download Micromedex mobile applications?

IBM Micromedex mobile applications are available for download at the iOS or Android mobile application store.

How do I upgrade to Micromedex with Watson for Mobile Browsers?

Click the link below to talk to a solutions expert about upgrading to the AI-powered mobile browser.

Where do I find Micromedex training resources?

Visit the link below for a list of Micromedex training offerings.

Where do I find other Micromedex products?

Explore additional evidence-based resources from IBM Micromedex at the link below.