Why IBM for proximity marketing

Deepen customer engagement

Proximity marketing enables you to gather and analyze a complete customer profile by integrating data gathered from video, RFID, and beacons and sensors onsite, combined with the data that already resides in your systems of record. The key is assembling all the pieces quickly with powerful analytics – and then making timely and personalized offers. Now you can:

Execute intelligent engagement strategies

and enable a richer user experience at the point of impact, based on precise location presence.

Optimize onsite operations

by applying realtime analytics to mobile presence, in and around a physical location, to understand patterns and trends.

Accelerate the value of marketing campaigns

by capturing insights from physical presence as part of a broader omni-channel program.

Great mobile apps in an omnichannel world

Listen closely to consumers so you can meet and exceed their expectations – and then reap the financial rewards.