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Ensure the right availability of critical business applications

Optimize your code for highest performance and save time in the process.

You develop and manage critical applications, so performance of your code is critical. You need tools to optimize your code, so you can deliver applications faster and with more confidence, and continuously update them to the delight of your customers.

Manage risks, reduce costs, improve efficiency

Monitor your applications, gain full visibility and detect problems before they occur.

You must continuously reduce the cost and improve the operational efficiency of your critical infrastructure and middleware resources. You need tools to help ensure your success.

Provide end-to-end insight for smarter business decisions

Ensure high availability and performance of your applications and gain visibility into the user experience.

Your applications are the link to your customers and the source of your revenue, so you need to ensure that all of your key applications are available–and performing as expected.

Improve agility and lower costs and risk

Keep your applications running smoothly and avoid becoming the IT outage news story.

Like it or not, your application environment can either hinder business innovation and agility or propel it forward. Which side of the equation would you rather be on?

IT service management solutions

Application performance management

Monitor and tune performance of applications, including usage tracking, problem diagnosis and root cause analysis.

IT operations analytics

Use cognitive computing to learn your IT systems' behavior to quickly predict problems and optimize IT and application infrastructure.

IT operations and network management

Manage performance of computing and network resources with automated analysis and response to nonscheduled events.

IT service desk

Conduct service management, IT asset management and process automation better across the organization.

Systems and workload automation

Automate and optimize the background execution of workflows that span cloud or on-premises applications and systems.

IBM Application Performance Management

Achieve 99.999 percent availability, because when it comes to your applications, failure is not an option.

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Spot performance issues and resolve problems in your applications and IT infrastructure.


IBM Operations Analytics — Predictive Insights

Detect application, middleware or infrastructure problems before they impact service.


Application performance management

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