What can IBM IoT for Insurance do for your business?

IBM® IoT for Insurance helps insurers provide protection personalized to the consumer using real-time risk assessments that can influence the behavior of the policyholder. It collects and analyzes data about the policyholder, such as location, security, weather and traffic, to help insurers customize protection for each customer. This customized protection helps to increase customer satisfaction, lower costs and mitigate risk. This solution helps insurers make sense of their data to improve policyholder loyalty, risk assessment and management, emergency planning and response, and claims management.
IBM IoT for Insurance

Manage and mitigate risk

Monitor everyday household risks for exposure, align risk management to high net-worth risks and incorporate driving behavior into your telematics strategy.

Make context matter

Transform data from multiple sources, devices and external data to create new and unique policyholder profiles.

Turn policyholders into participants

Provide alerts to policyholders using aggregated data that detects issues before they occur.

Benefit from a high-scale environment

Integrate with insurance company data, third-party data sources and IoT sensor data from other sensor platforms to get advanced analytics and cognitive capabilities.

Retain customers and lower costs

Improve customer satisfaction and retention at a lower cost by interacting with policyholders in a timely, personalized and relevant manner.

IBM Iot for Insurance features

  • Provide personalized risk assessment
  • Gain insights that influence critical decisions
  • Relate insights in easily understandable ways
  • Continuously adapt to be more useful and relevant

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Alert history
Alert history
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Customer messaging

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