What it can do for your business

IBM® Data Virtualization Manager for z/OS allows users and applications read/write access to z/OS data and enterprise data sources in real-time, providing comprehensive information easily accessible by any application.

  • Provides real time access and update of transactional data without moving data off the mainframe
  • Supports modern APIs including web services (REST, HTTP, SOAP), noSQL and SQL
  • Creates virtual integrated views of data for any user or application
  • Optimized for IBM Z, exploiting the memory, speed, and parallelism of the specific Z processor
  • Executes on zIIP processors, with minimal MIPS capacity impact, saving costs

Open mainframe data to the API economy

Modernize applications, by accessing and updating mainframe data via modern APIs without the need for mainframe skills, to produce elastic, interconnected and secure applications

Gain insight from transactional data

Enrich analytics and cognitive applications with live mainframe transactional data, without the cost and complexity of data movement, providing immediate access to real-time business insights

Reduce business risk

Make threats addressable before they impact risk profiles or affect operations with access to real time mainframe operational data and gain immediate insight to compliance issues and system readiness