Not all clouds are equal

Cloud is the linchpin of your digital transformation, linking foundational data with new services and applications. Your cloud platform must accelerate deployment while minimizing disruption, and enable openness while ensuring the highest security. How can you meet all of these requirements?

Mainframe cloud. Secure cloud.

Hybrid cloud on IBM Z empowers your digital transformation through an open, secure platform.
Protect your cloud data with industry-leading security, speed time-to-revenue and empower app deployment with an open software stack.
All on a stable infrastructure that scales with your business.


By 2020, over 90% of enterprises will use multiple cloud services and platforms. (1)

Companies with a defined hybrid cloud strategy achieve 2.5x higher gross profits.


75% of organizations will use core cloud API strategies to enable an API-driven economy.(2)

Secure your cloud

Unparalleled cloud security keeps your sensitive data safe. IBM Z is the only platform to offer complete encryption of all application and cloud service data.

The newest z14 offers this protection in a smaller, industry-standard frame with a lower entry cost – ideal for the cloud data center.

IBM z14 mainframe

Protect data and simplify compliance on a secure cloud platform.

Linux on IBM Z

See what is possible with a secure and reliable Linux platform.

IBM Secure Service Container

This tamper-proof container technology is orchestrated with Kubernetes and is key to a DevSecOps strategy.

Easily access cloud services

No mainframe skills required. With IBM Z you can easily build and access enterprise cloud services and microservices using common language and open technologies. The platform facilitates collaboration and agile development by providing a view into application interdependencies as well as complexity and quality across platforms, environments, and languages.

z/OS Connect

Empower your developers with RESTful APIs to and from your IBM Z mainframe.

IBM Hyper Protect Services

Protect your data with a solution designed to offer high reliability and data isolation.

IBM Cloud Provisioning and Management for z/OS

Rapidly provision z/OS software using automated
 and repeatable self-service processes.

Digitally transform and modernize

Accelerate your digital transformation with agile processes and capabilities that capture business value with minimal risk. Our DevOps framework and operational excellence helps you to speed innovation while ensuring stability.

IBM Cloud Private with Linux on Z

Build, deploy, and manage cloud-native applications.

Application Discovery and Delivery Intelligence

Uncover application insights to increase productivity and lower risk.

IBM Service Management Suite for z/OS

Gain integrated and intelligent IT operations.

Consolidate and virtualize

Server virtualization lets you reduce costs, maximize scalability, and reduce inefficiencies by consolidating IT infrastructure.

Leverage robust hypervisor virtualization on IBM Z to realize these benefits on a secure, industry-standard platform.


Run up to 8,000 virtual servers on a single system.

Linux on IBM Z

Simplify by running critical workloads on a trusted platform.

Gartner paper

Why IBM’s recent mainframe announcements increase options for I&O leaders.

Forrester paper

See how a company transformed, sped up development, and increased profitability.

IDC paper

Learn how your business can achieve 300% ROI with the connected mainframe.

Data center dream

See why the z14 mainfame is a cloud-ready data center dream.

IBM Cloud Private

What’s all the buzz about?

Redbook blog

5 things to know about the necessity of IBM Z in the API economy.


Finds an ideal infrastructure for cloud in an industry where trust is key.


See how the retailer became a cloud service provider.


Uses APIs to exceed customer demand.

IBM Cloud Provisioning and Management for z/OS

Rapidly provision z/OS software subsystems using automated processes.

z/OS Connect Enterprise Edition

Create scalable RESTful APIs securely from your critical mainframe applications.

Java TCO Estimator

See how much you could save with Java workloads on IBM Z.

Unleash DevOps

Get expert advice on how to jumpstart your DevOps transformation.

Open and connected webinar

Fuel your digital transformation through APIs, microservices and DevOps

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