What is cloud native development?

Cloud native development is about how an application is built and deployed, not where it resides. If development is cloud native, developers can:

  • Build and modernize new digital and AI cloud services.
  • Utilize a scalable and automated approach for consistent management and orchestration.

Integrate cloud natively with IBM Z

With IBM z15™, developers can build and modernize new digital and AI cloud services. With a modern, scalable and automated approach to application deployment, they can build once and deploy anywhere. There is no need to use a separate set of tools to develop on the mainframe.

Develop cloud native apps

Build once, deploy anywhere

Develop and deploy cloud native apps faster with Red Hat® OpenShift® and IBM Cloud Paks™ on Z.

Develop hybrid apps

Build and test IBM z/OS® application components in a containerized virtual environment optimized for Red Hat OpenShift.

Build as you like

Develop z/OS apps with software such as COBOL, PL/I, HLASM, Java® and C/C++.

Automate with cloud native services

Automate cloud services

Simplify configuration and resource access, and streamline operations.

Integrate cloud services

Securely access z/OS services with platforms such as OpenShift®.

Secure your apps

Protect mission-critical apps in hybrid multicloud environments.

Transform application testing

Shift left testing

Run application integration testing earlier to transform software development lifecycles.

Develop and test faster

Develop, integrate and automate applications and data on an open platform.

Hear from experts

IBM Z and Red Hat for your journey to cloud
Barry Baker — VP of Software for IBM Z — and Stefanie Chiras, VP and General Manager for Red Hat Enterprise Linux®,  discuss how IBM Z and open technologies, including Red Hat OpenShift, can be an integral part of your cloud infrastructure. See how they can leverage consistent and standardized enterprise-wide operations.


Wazi for Red Hat

Enable cloud native hybrid application development using a standard DevOps toolchain.

Kubernetes as a foundation for cloud

Transform your private cloud by coupling IBM Z with Kubernetes.

Forrester on hybrid cloud automation

See how organizations are becoming strategic with hybrid cloud.

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