Cyber-resilient mainframe storage

An effective cyber resilience strategy starts with solutions that compliment your current IT infrastructure. Integrated mainframe storage solutions provide cloud-native experience, encryption everywhere, cyber resilience, always-on availability and flexible deployment for businesses of all sizes.

Mainframe cyber-resilient storage book

Integrated mainframe storage

Fast, reliable and secure storage

A hybrid cloud platform built with flash technology for higher performance, security, continuous availability, and cyber-resilient capabilities.

Mainframe virtual tape solution

Improve performance, storage economics and data security in mission-critical hybrid cloud environments.

Resiliency for mainframe storage

IBM Safeguarded Copy

Continue delivering your business outcomes despite adverse cyber incidents, and protect your data from being modified or deleted due to user errors or ransomware attacks.

IBM Transparent Cloud Tiering

Reduce CAPEX and OPEX by enabling hybrid cloud as an additional storage tier for data archiving, data protection, and disaster recovery with access to extended storage capacity.

IBM Tape airgap protection

Avoid widespread corruption of data due to malware or ransomware attacks with tape solutions that physically isolate data from a local area network.

IBM Storage Networking b-type

Upgrade your network with Gen-6 and double your performance capacity while serving data faster. Gain deeper visibility into analytics that support better decision making.

IBM is a Gartner Primary Storage Magic Quadrant Leader

Thanks to its broad portfolio of external enterprise storage arrays for the primary storage market, IBM has been named a Leader in the 2020 Gartner Primary Storage Magic Quadrant.

Lab services for mainframe storage

IBM Lab Services has developed a Cyber Incident Response Assessment to help companies understand where they may have gaps when it comes to responding to and recovering from cyber-attacks.

The multi-phase lab services engagement includes a workshop, implementation services, and health checks that help organizations assess their needs, develop strategies, and deploy and configure solutions that support cyber resilience.

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