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With the IBM Storage for Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform blueprint, surpass your business goals with speed, productivity and agility enabled by a secure storage infrastructure with enterprise-class availability.

A reliable and flexible infrastructure can mean the difference between winning and losing customers


of new microservices will be deployed in containers by 2021, IDC predicts. (1)


CAGR is expected from worldwide data services for hybrid cloud through 2021. (1)

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IBM Storage solutions for private cloud now supports Container Storage Interface (CSI)

CSI unifies the storage interface of Container Orchestrator Systems (COs) like Kubernetes and Docker swarm, so implementing a single CSI can work with all COs. IBM now supports CSI in its block and file storage families, including the new IBM FlashSystem 9100, IBM Storwize, IBM DS8000 and IBM Spectrum Scale solutions.

Storage Solutions for IBM Cloud Paks

The foundation for a full-platform on-premises hybrid multicloud environment. Improves container utilization with Docker and Kubernetes, and offers market-leading virtualization, data reduction and copy data management.

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IBM Spectrum Access for IBM Cloud Private is a cost-effective and intelligent solution, which makes it a compelling infrastructure offering for hybrid cloud.

IDC, “Efficiently Automate and Orchestrate Your Hybrid/Multicloud Deployments, with Next-Generation Infrastructure”,

Maximize your business agility to expedite your journey to private cloud storage

With storage solutions for IBM Cloud Paks, you’ll be able to modernize and optimize existing applications and hybrid/multicloud environments; simplify delivery of infrastructure services; easily scale up or down; quickly deploy storage classes to comply with business SLAs; and provision capacity directly with containerized applications.

Supporting products

IBM FlashSystem 9100

Innovative, flexible and powerful NVMe storage systems.

IBM Storwize V7000F

Consolidate workloads with all flash, virtualized storage.

IBM Spectrum Scale

Advanced storage management of unstructured data for cloud, big data, analytics, objects and more.


IBM Storage for blockchain

IBM Flash Storage