Hybrid cloud and AI are the foundation of smarter business. Think is where they come to life. Learn how the right technologies — on the right IT infrastructure — can help you accelerate your journey to hybrid cloud with infrastructure for AI, modernization, flexible pricing solutions, IT security and more.

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Think2021: Session #2304 Fuel business without limits with zero trust

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Commanding the power of nature with IBM Quantum systems

Dario Gil, Director of IBM Research, and IBM's quantum computing team talk about how to calculate as nature does, as well as their efforts to build a thousand qubit machine.

Pfizer's successes aided by SAP HANA on IBM Power 

In 2020 Pfizer was developing their Covid-19 vaccine. Hear how they applied SAP HANA on IBM Power® for requirements planning, manufacturing, and delivery.

Hybrid cloud, containers and edge computing: Storage for your future

Denis Kennelly, GM of IBM Storage, and Chris Bogan, VP Sales of MARK III Systems, explain how customers can scale to meet demand with performance, flexibility and security. 

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