Secure gateway

A secure gateway is a hybrid-cloud software solution that connects cloud and on-premises resources without the need for complex security configurations. If you’re a developer trying to build an application that needs to access something behind a firewall, or if you’re trapped inside that firewall with limited external access, a secure gateway can connect you. IBM DataPower® Gateway is a security and integration gateway for mobile, web, API, service-oriented architecture (SOA), B2B and cloud workloads.

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Multichannel gateway

Simplify your topology with a single, drop-in gateway. Secure communications across a full range of mobile, web, API, SOA, B2B and cloud workloads.

Multiple deployment methods

Deploy your secure gateway in high-performance physical, virtual, cloud, Linux or Docker form factors. DataPower Gateway can achieve up to 30,000 TPS.

A single, signed encrypted image

Using C++, DataPower Gateway is trusted by defense departments and banks worldwide. Competitors use Java™-based gateways, which can leave you open to hacks.

Enhanced TLS profiles

Take advantage of fine-grained control in securing transmission of data through websites, hindering hackers from tampering with information you submit.

Advanced operations console

Gain near real-time visibility of transactions and centralized operations with a graphical user interface, enabling faster problem determination and operational resiliency.

GatewayScript for security in system code

GatewayScript includes ECMAScript, CommonJS and DataPower Gateway. Modules supported include console, fibers, crypto, jose, jwk, jwt, json-xml-converter and header-metadata.


Secure your APIs and all of your other workloads

From mobile to IoT, there's no shortage of new channels needed to reach your customers. The speed necessary to get on these channels shouldn't strip away your security. See how you can provide security, control, integration and optimized access to a full range of workloads — mobile, web, API, SOA, B2B and cloud — in a single multichannel gateway.

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