IBM Security Guardium Vulnerability Assessment Evaluation Edition

Today’s organizations have hundreds and sometimes thousands of a databases that must be actively assessed for issues arising from the multitude of configuration, authentication and privilege settings that each system offers. Often IT and security teams do not have skills and manpower to handle the sheer volume of demands. Database vulnerability assessment applications can help by automating the complex task of analyzing a host of known vulnerabilities across a wide range of database types while maintaining a separation of duties between audit and administrative roles. Plus, they are constantly updated with the most recent research for each database type and release.

This vulnerability assessment evaluation package provides you with a simple tool that you can download for free, set up easily, and use to explore the benefits of database vulnerability assessment without the overhead of an enterprise deployment. This evaluation edition provides a small but useful subset of the features of the full IBM® Security Guardium® Vulnerability Assessment product.


IBM Security Guardium Vulnerability Assessment Evaluation Edition is a self-contained Java™ program with the following installation requirements:

Databases supported

There is no restriction placed on the number of databases you can evaluate with this offering but the license and program expires after 30 days.

Product specs

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