IBM Kenexa Talent Acquisition Suite solutions and add-ons

IBM Lead Manager

An innovative candidate relationship management tool that is powered by a world-class consumer marketing platform to help recruiters find, attract, engage and nurture a top talent pool. It enables you to source top talent, build strong relationships and generate qualified applications, as well as measure the effectiveness of recruitment campaigns.

IBM BrassRing on Cloud

A cloud-based global applicant tracking system to help you quickly find and hire top talent.

IBM Onboard on Cloud

A cloud-based onboarding solution that reduces dependency on paper, cycle time and data-entry errors. It also helps you accelerate new hire assimilation for faster time to productivity.

IBM Digital Analytics for Talent Acquisition

An analytical tool that measures and monitors the candidate web traffic during the application process within IBM® BrassRing®. It provides a clear view of candidate behaviors so you can better measure and manage the effectiveness of your analytic recruiting strategy and application process. It allows you to monitor candidate traffic at a granular level, enabling you to react and improve the candidate journey in near real-time.

IBM Talent Insights add-on

Powered by IBM Watson Analytics, this add-on enables HR professionals to make strategic, fact-based decisions for driving business outcomes using sophisticated analytics. It simplifies data discovery and analysis without requiring advanced analytics skills. By simply asking questions using natural language text, you can gain actionable insights by having a meaningful conversation with your data.

IBM Employment Branding add-on

A brand awareness and building tool that allows you to convey brand qualities both internally and externally to help attract and retain the right talent for your organization.

IBM Behavioral Assessments add-on

A series of behavioral assessments that help evaluate the quality of hires. The assessments can predict performance and potential based on behavioral science by measuring traits, skills and culture fit of each candidate and employee, including your potential leaders.

IBM Skills Assessments add-on

A faster, more effective method for managing large talent pools to help determine if the skills for a specific job role are met. It is available in multiple languages for numerous roles and industries.

Customer case studies

  • Helping Shell attract, engage and hire top talent.

    Shell Global
  • Fossil transforms talent acquisition to help reduce costs and create a distinctive user experience.

    Fossil, Inc.

Technical details

Software requirements

The IBM® Kenexa® Talent Acquisition Suite supports versions of Internet Explorer (IE), Mozilla Firefox (FF), Google Chrome and Safari.

  • IE 11
  • FF 16+
  • Google Chrome
  • Safari

Hardware requirements

There are no hardware requirements for IBM Kenexa Talent Acquisition Suite