Webinar series

Find out about collaboration solutions that use IBM Watson® cognitive tools. Drive positive outcomes with new collaboration, connections and analytics. Explore extreme email makeovers to learning transformations.

Featured webinar: There’s Chocolate in My Peanut Butter!

Join the VP of IBM Collaboration Solutions for North America and the Sr. Director of Cisco Business Development & User Success Cloud Collaboration Technology Group to learn how IBM & Cisco have partnered to deliver an integrated collaboration solution that offers a best-in-class work environment for teams.

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Integrating IBM Sametime with Polycom voice and video

See how IBM and Polycom are bringing social, voice and video together to help organizations drive productivity and efficiency.

IBM Connections and Verse: Innovate. Collaborate. And Have Fun Doing it.

Learn how IBM Connections and IBM Verse provide a personalized workspace on IBM Cloud – a complete platform for social, email, meetings and more.

New in Connections 5.5 and IBM Docs 2.0

Find out what’s coming in the next major release of IBM Connections and IBM Docs.

Behind the screens of IBM Verse: Creating a new way to work

Meet the designers, hear our new approach to problem solving and see how IBM Verse can help you work in a much simpler, more connected ways.

Email is the problem, and solution

Did you know that the average worker spends 111 days just dealing with email? Learn how IBM has re-imagined email and collaboration solutions for greater productivity for today’s knowledge workers.

Drive innovation anytime, anywhere with mobile & cloud-based collaboration

Learn how IBM Mobile collaboration solutions can empower employees, partners and customers to actively participate in this new culture of information sharing to drive business results.

What's new in the enterprise email market?

Learn how to assess the value of different email solutions and find out why IBM was named worldwide market share leader in enterprise social networks.

Collaborate on Cloud, Web and Mobile in ways you've never seen before

Work smarter with IBM collaboration tools. Whether at home, office, or travelling, the IBM New Way to Work can improve how you get the job done.

Employee Onboarding within IBM - How we Transformed our New Hire Experience

Learn why the IBM onboarding process is viewed by experts as a best-in-class example of how to effectively align the business and HR.

Trends and Directions for Collaboration Solutions

It’s time to change the way we engage at work. Hear predictions and trends about how organizations will engage and get work done in the future. And learn how IBM is making that future real today.

Extreme Mail Makeover

See the replay of “Extreme mail makeover – Re-imagined for the future of work.” Learn how IBM Verse helps you take back control of your inbox – and your day.

168% ROI from your Collaboration investment? Yes, it IS possible

Join guest speaker Anish Shah, senior consultant for Forrester’s Total Economic Impact Practice and gain financial insights about IBM Connections.