What is Watson OpenScale?

IBM Watson® OpenScale™ tracks and measures outcomes from your AI models, and helps ensure they remain fair, explainable and compliant — for models built and running anywhere. Watson OpenScale also detects and helps correct the drift in accuracy when an AI model is in production. Access Watson OpenScale in IBM Cloud Pak for Data™ and on IBM Cloud™.

Operationalize AI

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Watch webinar: Faster AI value

IBM experts explore the five best practices that can speed AI value in your organization. One of them is making AI trusted and transparent.

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How to keep AI models accurate

See what's involved in monitoring a model for drift and determining the causes of drift.

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Be confident in your AI

Learn how Watson OpenScale solves AI's black box problem, helping you make outcomes fair, explainable and compliant.

Take an interactive tour

Explore Watson OpenScale in a self-guided, hands-on demo.

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Detecting drift

Watson OpenScale tracks drift in model accuracy and sends an alert when accuracy degrades past a threshold.

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Debiasing AI models

OpenScale generated a bias alert because significantly fewer females than males were approved. OpenScale also automatically generates a corrected, debiased model that can be evaluated and deployed.

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Explaining AI outcomes

OpenScale explains the reasons behind each model prediction: this candidate was a risk due to age and no checking account.

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