Powerful advanced text analytics for your data

Learn more below about how Watson Natural Language Understanding extracts metadata from text such as entities, keywords, categories, sentiment, emotion, relations, syntax, and much more.


Watson Natural Language Understanding features

Domain customization

Train Watson to understand the language of your business and extract customized insights with Watson Knowledge Studio.

Text analytics

Surface real-time actionable insights to provides your employees with the tools they need to pull meta-data and patterns from massive troves of data.

Deploy anywhere

Deploy Watson Natural Language Understanding behind your firewall or on any cloud.


Detect people, places, events, and other types of entities mentioned in your content using our out-of-the-box capabilities.

Categories (Beta)

Categorize your data with granularity using a five-level classification hierarchy.


Classify text with custom labels to automate workflows, extract insights, and improve search and discovery.


Identify high-level concepts that aren’t necessarily directly referenced in your content.


Extract emotions (joy, anger, sadness, fear, and other feelings) conveyed by specific target phrases or by the document as a whole.

Sentiment (Beta)

Analyze the sentiment (positive, negative, or neutral) towards specific target phrases and of the document as a whole.


Understand the relationship between two entities within your content and identify the type of relation.


Quickly extract information from a document such as author, title, images, and publication dates.

Semantic roles

Parse sentences into subject-action-object form and identify entities and keywords that are subjects or objects of an action.

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