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You’ll have free access to over 40 services, including IBM Watson® APIs.


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Access 350+ products at discounted rates with Pay-as-you-go (PayGo) with Committed Use account or subscription upgrade.

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Plenty of cost-effective pricing solutions to suite your requirements. See all IBM Cloud Pricing solutions.


Access the full IBM Cloud catalog, including all Free and Lite plans. Pay only for billable services and monthly commitments. No long-term commitments.

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Enterprise Savings Plan

Commit to spend a certain amount on IBM Cloud and receive discounts across the platform. You’re billed monthly, based on your usage, and continue to receive discounts after reaching your committed amount.

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IBM Cloud Reservations

Reserve capacity in advance for discounted pricing at 1-or-3-year terms. Your capacity is billed monthly, is guaranteed, and requires no up-front payment.

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Subscriptions and commitments

Get platform-wide discounts while paying only for what you use.

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Save with IBM Cloud 67

IBM Cloud reports the lowest prices across 67 scenarios to beat out Microsoft, Google and AWS.

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Realize 2.5x value with a hybrid cloud approach.

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With 60+ data centers on 6 continents, IBM can help you grow without sacrificing user experience.

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IBM Cloud Object was 75% more cost-effective than our previous backup service provider. Rocky Paredes Senior IT Audit Manager, John D. Wheeler & Associates Read the full review
Custom payment plans

Payment solutions to align your budget and your goals.


Get the hybrid cloud and AI technology financing you need with a flexible loan.


Build your hybrid cloud and AI infrastructure with leasing options to enhance ROI and TCO.

IBM Project Financing™

Achieve financial flexibility and accelerate projects with a single-source IT financing option.

IBM Certified Pre-Owned

Expand your hybrid cloud and AI IT infrastructure on a budget with customized, refurbished IT.

Frequently asked questions

If the answer to your question is not here, look on the IBM Cloud™ billing and usage FAQ page or ask a question in the Stack Overflow forum (link resides outside

You can build and deploy with any Lite plan service at no cost ever, and you can take advantage of services with Free plans that offer monthly free allowances.

Yes. Your billing and credit card information is used for account security and verification purposes when you register your account. You’re set up with a Pay-as-you-go account, and you can access the full IBM Cloud catalog, including all Free and Lite plans. You receive a USD 200 credit to help get you started, which can be used on IBM Cloud products in your first 30 days. You pay only for billable services that you use, with no long-term contracts or commitments.

The benefits are numerous and include access to the entire IBM Cloud catalog of production-ready services—including Kubernetes, infrastructure and IBM Watson® services. And you can use all Free service plans, not just those designated as Lite plans.

Everyone gets free basic support, which includes our docs, the monitored Stack Overflow community forum, and the ability to create support cases. If you need additional support, you can purchase an advanced or premium support plan.

Service prices vary by plan. Lite plan services are always free. Billable services are charged either with fixed monthly billing, or by usage.

You can choose between a flexible Pay-as-you-go account, where you’re billed monthly for the compute and services that you use, and a Subscription account, where you get discounted pricing for a particular spending commitment.

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