What is Watson Natural Language Classifier?

Natural Language Classifier allows developers to quickly and easily build custom text classification models without the need for a data science or machine learning background. Simply upload your training data in a .csv file and you are ready to go! Natural Language Classifier will return the best matching classes for a sentence, phrase, or paragraph.

Identify next best actions, organize your data, or analyze your data for trends and new insights. Building custom machine learning models should not be something that only data scientists and machine learning experts can do. Start classifying your data today!

Train your first classifier in 15 minutes or less

Upload a .csv file with your training data and labels and you are ready to go! It’s that easy!

High accuracy on small datasets

Under the covers, Natural Language Classifier combines SVMs and a Convolutional Neural Network to provide you the highest accuracy possible.

Build applications your way

Use Python, Ruby, Go, Java, Node, or Curl to manage the API and integrate it into your applications!


Categorize your text data

Easily categorize your text to automate workflows, extract insights, and improve search and discovery.

Evaluate results

Update training data based on classification results to improve your confidence scores.

Train via Tooling or an API

Access capabilities through the API or non-technical tooling in order to build, train, and manage classifiers, regardless of your technical skills.

Get started on Watson Natural Language Classifier in minutes

Add Watson Natural Language Classifier to an app for free.