Where can I find Watson IoT Platform technical documentation?

You can find full technical documentation here: https://console.bluemix.net/docs/services/IoT/developer_doc_overview.html#developer_doc_overview. Peer conversations on Stack Overflow can provide additional answers and background information: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/tagged/watson-iot

How does my organization prepare for an IoT platform?

Take a readiness assessment to evaluate your IT and business readiness: https://tdwi.org/pages/assessments/tdwi-iot-readiness-assessment-ibm.aspx. Following the assessment, evaluate your company's results.

My organization has high security requirements. Can the Watson IoT Platform help me manage compliance?

Yes. We're ISO 21001 compliant. Read about Watson IoT Platform security and risk management.  If your organization or industry has additional, stringent security requirements regarding IoT devices, applications or connectivity, consider exploring additional security testing services for IoT from IBM X-Force® Red. Learn more

Get started on Watson IoT Platform

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