Watson IoT Platform features

Analytics and Watson APIs

Completely manage your IoT landscape and make better business decisions. Using a secure, smart and scalable platform as the hub of your IoT, get real-time analysis of user, machine and system-generated data, including speech, text video and social sentiment. You need contextual insight for truly cognitive IoT applications.

Manage risk and security

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Govern applications and devices within an IoT ecosystem by recognizing usage and performance patterns and detecting anomalies, and validating IoT data and transactions.

Connect what matters

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Connect IoT devices, networks and gateways through a growing ecosystem that uses open standards-based communications (MQTT, HTTPS). Globally scalable, starting with a single device.

Manage and integrate IoT data

Quickly and easily analyze data, perform rich analytics from structured and unstructured sources and gain your own IoT data historian. Parse, filter and transform data; cache or archive data selectively for off-platform analytics or for integration with IoT apps.

Get started on Watson IoT Platform

Using IBM Cloud and Watson IoT Platform, set up and manage your connected devices — then create applications using data.