Running a half dozen clouds and on-premises systems? You’re not alone.

Public cloud, private cloud, or on-premises; for the responsiveness digital business requires, you need to run your integration close to your applications, no matter where they reside. And because you live in a multicloud world, you need a multicloud integration solution that allows you to quickly connect applications using the latest API, application, message-based and data integration techniques. IBM Cloud™ Integration allows you to address complex and changing integration needs, collaborate on applications and API integrations for internal and external use, run integrations near your apps and data, make secure connections across boundaries, and develop and deploy integration solutions on the IBM Cloud or in your chosen environment.

IBM Cloud Integration

Simple, fast, secure

Connect across any cloud

You need a solution that can integrate all your application needs. IBM Cloud Integration is designed to connect applications across any cloud, public or private. Its prebuilt connectors for common enterprise applications like CRM systems and ERP make it even easier to commence and deploy integration on your terms. 

Integrate your on-premises apps

Moving to a cloud strategy shouldn’t mean you abandon your data center. You need to take advantage of your critical applications that live on premises. IBM Cloud Integration empowers you to continue leveraging your enterprise data to deliver richer solutions.

Deploy where you want

Multicloud integration means your integration solution can be flexibly deployed wherever you see fit — on your private cloud, on the public cloud or on premises. This means your integration can be deployed in the environment which best suits your budget and appetite for control and risk. With IBM you can choose to integrate your data within the cloud where it natively resides, meaning you can keep your critical data within the cloud, rather than moving it in and out. This approach reduces performance issues, latency and overall cost.

Tackle any integration challenge

Whatever integration challenge you face, you need a powerful and robust integration tool to take on any project. IBM Cloud Integration equips your business with the agility to manage application and data integration, API lifecycle, enterprise-grade messaging and more. 

Featured products

IBM App Connect

Quickly connect disparate applications and data through a configuration-based approach, using templates or customized integration flows.

IBM API Connect®

Use the API management solution that enables automated API creation, simple discovery of assets, self-service access for developers and built-in security and governance.


Securely and reliably transport data as messages between enterprise applications, systems and services.

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