Discover hidden Facebook usage insights

Combine the power of Jupyter Notebooks, PixieDust and IBM Watson® cognitive services to glean useful marketing insights from unstructured Facebook data.

How it works, all within one notebook

Icon representing the capability to import data with PixieDust

Import data

Import your own data set or choose from multiple sample data sets.

Icon representing the capability to visualize data with PixieDust

Visualize your data

Visualize your data in tables, charts, maps and more.

Icon representing the capability to explore and analyze data with PixieDust

Explore your data

Explore and analyze your data in an interactive interface.

Icon representing the capability to build dashboards and management tools with PixieDust

Build dashboards

Build dashboards and management tools with PixieApps.

Do more with less code

With the display API you can quickly visualize and explore your data with only a few lines of code:

Import Pixiedust

Screenshot of a Jupyter Notebook window mapping home sales

Build with PixieApps

PixieApps are Python classes that encapsulate the data. They’re easy to build, easy to run with your data, and come with built-in mechanisms for defining views, routes and widgets, invoking Python Scripts from user interactions, running in Dialogue and much more.

PixieApps enable:

  • Dashboards
  • Data browsers
  • Data pipeline management
Screenshot of a PixieDust window displaying sentiment analysis from a twitter feed

Bringing the tools of data science to developers

Icon representing software developers who can benefit from using PixieDust


  • Visualize data with no knowledge of Matplotlib.
  • Use Apache Spark without learning it.
  • Use Python and Scala in the same notebook.
  • Easily manage data with dashboards.
Icon representing data scientists who can benefit from using PixieDust

Data scientists

  • Use Python and Scala in the same notebook.
  • Share variables between Python and Scala.
  • Access Apache Spark libraries written in Scala or Python.
  • Monitor progress of Apache Spark jobs.

PixieDust featured at Spark Summit West

Watch the session from Spark Summit West, Taking Jupyter Notebooks and Apache Spark to the next level with PixieDust, to learn how to create dashboards in notebooks with a demo of real-time visualizations using Twitter data, Watson Tone Analyzer and Spark Streaming — all within a Notebook.

Tools to get started with PixieDust

I Am Not a Data Scientist: But I play one in this blog post, thanks to PixieDust

You Too Can Make Magic (In Jupyter Notebooks with PixieDust)

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Tutorial: Using Notebooks with PixieDust for Fast, Flexible, and Easier Data Analysis and Experimentation

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