OpenPages Policy Management

Reduces the complexity and cumbersome nature of complying with numerous industries, ethics, privacy and government regulatory mandates. OpenPages Policy Management automates the ongoing test, review, approval and remediation process. It also helps identify similarities between regulations to reduce redundancy and duplication of effort.

What does the product domain do?

How customers use it

Total view of compliance

Compliance view ui

Total view of compliance

Users and administrators can gain a quick summary of regulatory compliance from multiple angles, including functional areas, business units, regions or individual mandates via dashboards and charts.

Policy review workflow

Policy review workflow interface

Policy review workflow

Use workflows to manage policy planning activities, assign tasks, and notify stakeholders. Workflows assist organizations in meeting deadlines and stay informed of ever-changing regulatory demands.

Single view of policies

Single view of policies dashboard

Single view of policies

Provides a single source for relationship mapping, such as regulations, controls, testing and risks. Policies can be configured, tagged and searched according to organizational taxonomies.

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