Go cloud-native

It’s never been easier or more cost-effective to build scalable web and cloud-native applications. IBM Cloud network as a service (NaaS) provides optimal network security, resiliency and performance around the globe.

Use cases

App development

App developers looking to easily create multi-tier, web-based and mobile apps with high performance and availability.

See how to improve your app-development processes in this tutorial about load balancer, virtual server and file storage.

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Graphic of IBM Cloud network as a service app development

Better performance

Customers trying to improve the performance of an existing application to deliver vital information quickly and securely to users.

See how to accelerate delivery of static files using a content delivery network (CDN).

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Graphic of better performance thru IBM Cloud network as a service

On-the-fly QA

People who want to quickly set up new applications with basic networking capabilities, in order to produce prototypes and move into production.

graphic of on-the-fly QA thru IBM Cloud network as a service


Load balancer

The IBM Cloud Load Balancer service improves maximum availability of your business-critical applications by distributing traffic locally across multiple-application server instances.


Our Akamai-powered CDN provides efficient delivery of requested content from over 240,000 cached-edge servers to the geographic area closest to users. This reduces latency while delivering a better overall experience for your customers.

Security groups

IBM Cloud security groups help you easily handle incoming and outgoing traffic to both the public and private interfaces of virtual servers at the instance level.

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