Reduce the time and cost of cloud migration

As you consider migrating workloads to any type of IBM Cloud environment — public, private or hybrid — you may be concerned about the risk of downtime as well as the cost. You need to be sure you’re using a time-tested, structured approach to cloud migration, as well as established tools and technology designed to simplify the process, saving you time and money.

Accelerate time to value and minimize business impact with cloud migration

With IBM Cloud Migration Services, you can migrate workloads from virtually any source and begin capitalizing on the benefits of hybrid cloud quickly. This solution uses highly efficient tooling to streamline the migration process, and it applies automation to minimize the need for manual agents.

You can reduce production server downtime while enabling security-rich transfer of workloads one at a time or in groups. A self-service dashboard enables monitoring of workload migration into the IBM Cloud.

Eliminate manual work for provisioning servers, installing software and configuring virtual machines

Seamless migration icon

Seamless migration
Uses automated processes to streamline migration of physical and virtual workloads.

Diverse requirements support icon

Diverse requirements support
Supports hybrid, private, bare metal and VMware targets plus Windows and Linux operating systems.

Automated tools icon

Automated tools
Simplifies migration and reduces costs by eliminating the need for manual agents.

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Reduced downtime
Uses live capture and incremental data sync to help minimize downtime during the migration process.

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Applies industry-leading processes to support tight migration windows, including complex platform re-tooling.

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