Benefits of AIOps from IBM


Act with greater intelligence by seeing hidden patterns and context within your infrastructure that aren’t obvious, so you can avoid investigation, improve responsiveness and lower operations costs.


Always stay ahead by automating actions for incident avoidance to minimize human intervention, leveraging intelligent machine-learning software that constantly and automatically learns and adjusts.


Adapt to any stage of your digital transformation journey, addressing complex multicloud and multivendor environments to more easily align to your strategic needs, DevOps and Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) practices.

AIOps case studies

Nextel Brazil

Nextel Telecommunications Ltd. uses IBM Netcool® Operations Insight software to monitor over 25,000 network elements, reducing time to respond to network incidents from 30 minutes to under 5 minutes.

Consolidated Communications

Consolidated Communications Holdings, Inc., uses a scalable Netcool fault-management solution to integrate new acquisitions and identify potential issues more rapidly.


DATEV eG uses Netcool software, including Netcool/OMNIbus and Netcool Operations Insight, to maintain stability and availability for 24x7 operations and highly sensitive data.

Modernize and simplify ITOps

Digital transformation and application modernization drive rapid adoption of multicloud and highly dynamic environments in parallel with the current traditional environment.

To ensure availability and continuous delivery of new applications, services and infrastructures, IT organizations simplify and modernize tools, adjust processes and adopt highly collaborative cultures.

Learn how IBM solutions can help you accelerate the consolidation, modernization and simplification of your hybrid ITOps environments.

Operations management for DevOps

Currently, teams building and deploying applications often own and manage them in production. Operational skill-building, incident readiness and automating resolution activity are critical for success to keep applications running smoothly.

Learn how IBM can help you cut through excessive alert noise, automatically correlate operational events and accelerate restoration of service with IBM Cloud™ Event Management.

NetOps for cognitive network management

Optimum network health and its infrastructure is vital to support business operations. It’s important to gain visibility of the overall health of the network for rapid resolution of network issues.

IBM Network Management and IBM Performance Management solutions give you end-to-end visibility and actionable contextualized insights into network and network-based performance issues to ensure reliability and business continuity.

Featured offerings

IBM Netcool Operations Insight

IBM Operations Analytics

IBM Cloud Event Management

IBM Agile Lifecycle Manager

Case studies

Serima Consulting

Amid a national shift toward renewable energy sources, German utilities companies are poised to make significant investments in smart-grid infrastructure. To meet the newly emerging demand for monitoring smart-grid-metering networks, Serima Consulting GmbH created a first-of-its-kind offering in an IBM Cloud Private environment, basing its solution on Netcool software.

Consolidated Communications

To accommodate business expansion without compromising service delivery, Consolidated Communications Holdings, Inc., deployed a scalable Netcool fault management solution that helps the network provider integrate new acquisitions and identify potential issues more rapidly for greater customer satisfaction.

Claranet Group Ltd.

An increasing number of alarms and events in Claranet's managed services provider infrastructure required rapid identification and resolution before they impacted their customers' infrastructures. After deploying Netcool software, the company was able to identify and rank events by their seasonal nature.